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l Subscription Service l Stakeholder l

Stakeholder updates are monthly, concise and detailed views into the interaction between stakeholders within a given sector and their wide ranging implications. Through this service we provide detailed insights into the changes that have occurred within the last month and an analysis into the possible influences. We have a wide-reaching network span which allows us to get data that cannot be provided my any other intelligence provider. Our exclusive stakeholder intelligence can enable you to identify needs and trends in the market before your competitors.

Stakeholder updates not only feature up-to-date information but also in-depth analysis by our experts. With this notification service you will receive notifications of changes in stakeholder interactions as they happen. This real time notification service gives you the opportunity to react to changes faster than anyone else, giving your business that necessary edge.

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KGB Korea has implemented compliance controls in order to ensure that all the intelligence it provides is not contrary to Korean Law. We take great measures to ensure that our intelligence is one that our clients can trust and we are happy to provide information about our policy upon request.

Energy Sector Stakeholder update [Nov, 2013]

This periodical update does not cover all stakeholders or entities, issues within the specific sector. It focuses on items and agendas foreign entities might have an interest in. Further request for in-depth inquiries can be made through our Custom Research service.

The current government's energy policies
The keystone of the current government’s energy policy is to construct a sustainable energy eco-system based on stable energy supply and the
development of overseas resources.
The 5 principles of the current policy are

  • energy security
  • efficiency and equity
  • environment and safety
  • convergence of industries
  • communication and consensus.
Based on these policy principles, the government is expected to place an importance on key projects including reliable supply of energy, advancement of industrial structure, safety of energy supply facilities, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promotion of renewable energy and overseas expansion of the nuclear industry, etc.
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